Mona is the product of an African American and German alliance. Though she has been writing since the age of 9, the transition of committing herself to the power of her words to affect change in the world, particularly for women, grew into a purpose far beyond her expectations. She has endured decades of abuse, poverty, and the overall struggle to survive; yet she still remains strong and steadfast in her conviction to send a message of survival out to others. She is a woman that has overcome and continues to rise above it all. Her subject matter not only borders on the dark side of human nature; it plunges in with both feet and takes the audience on a ride that leaves them breathless at the end. She has dedicated her writing and art to affect change, particularly for suppressed peoples. This powerful creative shines a light on issues concerning domestic violence, rape/rape culture, racism, and identity. Mona has a Master’s Degree in American Media and Popular Culture with a major focus on Screenwriting from Arizona State University and a Master of Fine Arts in Poetry from the University of Tampa. She lives with her cat Satchmo.