I have been self-publishing poetry books since 2007. Though I also write flash fiction, short fiction, screenplays, stage plays, and nonfiction, poetry is my passion. There is a sense of liberation in putting words to the page and helping others that might be experiencing hard times to find strength through my truths and thoughts. I chose to self-publish my books in order to inspire others to do the same.

I have written under two pen names before deciding to use my given name. Mona Lisa was my first pen name for Manifesto. That was followed by R. MonaLeza which was created on the deck of a friend’s home in Nashville, Tennesse. These books have also lived through a cover change which will occur one last time with the final editions. The following titles show an ever-growing list of the books I have put out into the world.

These books will be available for purchase soon. Release date of final editions TBA.

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